Thursday, March 4, 2010

SDS2 Update

Work continues (albeit slowly) on SDS2. Pretty much all the major features have been coded. Now, it's the very un-fun nitty gritty UI, (internal) testing and optimization stuff. There's a couple of more complex features I'd like to add but they might have to wait until SDS3. I'm just not finding enough time to work on this stuff and I definitely want to release the next version this year.

Why is it taking so long? Well, this will be a MAJOR release. Heck, I might even purchase some ad space somewhere. Features, features, features....there will be many new ones. Almost every previous feature will be improved in some aspect but I am most excited about the new features. I hope they will take your SketchUp modelling to a whole new level.

Well, I suppose I'll release a tiny bit of info here:
  • Upgrade pricing will be available for those who purchased SDS
  • Vertex editing and SDS of selected faces will be in the next version

That's all for now! Stay tuned...